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Stevedoring Services

We offer a full stevedore facility, supplemented by our extensive range of specialist and equipment. Complete control over the discharge operations enable us to provide our customers with fast, efficient, quality handling, including the option of flexible working hours. We strive to complete tasks within the bounded timeframe and not otherwise.

By offering ship agency, stevedore and secondary handling facilities, ship-owners can ensure a consistent and efficient all-in one service. We vowed to disentangled any unconventional circumstances within three hours so the operation can resume as usual.

Our Warren point operations can control the discharge of your product using our own ships' foremen and checkers. To maintain our high and efficient standards of handling, IDEAL staff are fully-trained by our own in-house lift-truck and stevedore training officer.

We have a policy to engage in staff exchanges in Map-Ta Phut ports, Rayong province to monitor and improve the standards of our handling techniques.

We have a strong measurement emphasizing that operation under our company name shall not yield any environmental impact.

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